About us

The Farm:    

After the unfortunate closing of the Red Hook Community garden, where we had first learned and fell in love with growing our own veggies, herbs, and flowers, we had to find a new bit of land to grow on.  So we got the idea to start a small farm and Haqu Farm's Wheel of the Year CSA was born as a way to fund our passions.  We still didn't have a place to farm though, so off we went to research and found a nearby organic farm that was looking for more people to work the land.  The landowner, Ethel, gave a great tour of the land that was already full of lovely apple trees, berries, flowers, and bee hives as well as the work of another farming couple who sells their produce at a local farmer's market.  Ethel gave us permission to use her land for growing and our CSA pickups and loves giving advice to new farmers as well, which is great for us.  Last fall we cleared some land in our new farming home and moved in some herbs and bulbs and can't wait to see what comes up this season.  Someday we do hope to find a more permanent farm for ourselves, where we can live as well as work, and not have to worry about being kicked out again.  We hope you'll continue following our story as our farm grows!

What We Do:

Our farm and CSA focuses on organically and sustainably grown herbs with some flowers, veggies, & art work thrown in to give you an even better feeling for what each season brings.  With 8 pickups a year just before each of the quarters (equinoxes and solstices) and cross quarters not only will you get all the herbs and decorations you may want your seasonal celebrations but you also get to see the different gifts each season brings while learning about each herbs many uses.  You’ll get to touch, taste, and smell herbs that have just been harvested right in your area, rather then the standard herbs that were harvested weeks ago (or even months),dried, packaged, and then shipped miles away.  

The farm we're using has been managed organically for years and we will be continuing that work while adding in sustainable soil building practices like composting and cover-cropping and minimizing the use of plastics.  Also bees and other pollinators are incredibly important to us and we’ll put an emphasis on plants and agricultural practices that help them out as well.

Who We are:

     Hello! I'm Amber Haqu the main farmer and artist of this endeavor! I love growing anything I get my hands on but Sage, tomatoes, and zinnias have a special place in my heart. I find the different scents, tastes and textures of herbs to be incredibly interesting. As an artist I have a BA in fine art with a concentration in photography, but I've recently been spending more time with ink and watercolor illustration as well as ceramics - even helping teach kids some weekends.  Last summer I married Thomm Quackenbush who I met at The Dreaming Goddess's Annex.  He is helping me in this endeavor and supports me in so many other ways as well.

Thomm Quackenbush's bio will go here, but for now you might as well know he's a writer and teacher in Red Hook and edits all our blog posts and other bits of writing, and is all around awesome.