February 14, 2016

2016 Membership Open! With new and improved levels.

     It might be February (and below zero) but that doesn't stop me from planning out the next growing season. This one should be even better and more productive than the last one. The perennials I planted last season will start showing their true colors, I'm especially looking forward to seeing the yarrow bloom.  All the other perennials will be bigger and stronger this year as their roots have grown deeper into the soil.  As for the annuals, everything I learned last season will certainly come in handy. Now I have a better idea of what the soil needs, where gets the most sun, and what pests to look out for. Plus more brush has been cleared, so that means more space for plants!

seeds for sorting, and soon - Planting!

     As for the membership levels, a few things have changed.  First I'm excited to offer a Saturday afternoon pickup at our home for those who find that more convinient than Thursdays. And I've removed the distiction between fresh and mail order. Now whether you choose, full, mini, patron, or art, you can either pick it up or have it mailed. The mailed ones won't contain flower arrangements though.  You did read that right though: there is an Art only share now! It's just perfect for those who don't cook or use herbs themselves but still want to be conected to the seasons through my artwork and Thomm's stories. And finally herb shares will now include a recipe or information card! I can't wait to see what I do with that.

     In other news, I've been slowly compiling more and more information and resources on each of the herbs we grow and all their different magical, medicinal, and culinary uses and soon I'll be ready to share all that with you with pages dedicated to each herb.

So thinking of joining? sign-up here!

Stay warm,
Amber Haqu

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