July 2, 2015

This week 7/2

I've been running back and forth from one activity to another, but each time I go to the farm, it seems like I run into a new surprise that I just have to take a picture of to show you!  So how about I just share some photos in this post.

Sage bundles and parsley, fennel, chive bouquets for the pick up!  I'm thinking about starting to sell these at local stores over the weekends as they stay fresh pretty well, but it would have to be nearby as I'd have to switch the stock out at least once a week.  Any ideas for a good place?

What a mix of flowers in the last share! There are even a few I don't really know the names of.  The black eyed susans stayed fresh the longest in my bunch.

I've been keeping up with at least one row of tomatoes this year. These ones are getting tall though there's not as much fruit on them as the other row.  It's fun tying up all the different varieties, but on occasion one will be so much taller then the others it's hard to control.  The flowers are doing great as well - especially some gorgeous snapdragons.  Next step is to fertilize and mulch these rows to keep them weed free. 

Speaking of flowers, the first zinnias are appearing!

I've mentioned before that this field was used for herbs before, and here's more proof - tiny catnip seedlings growing up among the calendula!  It was a challenge to not pull them while weeding. Soon I hope to move them to a new more permanent home. 

Who are you and why are you eating my fennel! Turns out he/she is an eastern black swallowtail caterpillar. They turn into gorgeous butterflies. I'm glad I didn't hurt him, but it's a bit of a shame I didn't get to bring him home to keep as a pet. I'd love to see a butterfly hatch again.  

A baby zucchini has appeared!  It shouldn't take long before I'm drowning in summer squash again.

You may have noticed all the echinacea buds in the last pickup. Well, they've started to bloom now! 

Now for a special treat: the first tomatoes are ripe!  These are sungolds so they stay orange rather thea going red, but they are quite delicious and really early, in general but especially this year.  I'm getting the feeling that the whole farm is much further ahead than my plantings were last year.  Possibly just a combination of good weather and practice, and I really think the soil blocks helped a lot as well my transplants were a lot bigger and happier than they were in the peat pots.  

Hope everything's going awesome with you! Have you come across any surprises or firsts in your garden or your life in general? Share with us in the comments!


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