July 29, 2015

pick-up tomorrow!

Wondering what will be in the shares tomorrow? And what to do with them? Here are a few hints!

Vegetables -
just under one pound of various tomatoes!  There are cherry types, as well as some larger varieties.
Not every type has started yielding, but the ones that have are doing great.  Eat them fresh, slice and dry them for the future, put them in sauce, freeze them, do pretty much anything you want!  Don't put uncut ones in the fridge though - it can ruin the flavor and texture.  Magically, tomatoes were previously thought to be an aphrodisiac and are still great for attracting love and lust. They also are associated with the golden apples and can be used in place of apples.

Other vegetables that might be present are green bell peppers and summer squash - did you know you can eat zucchinis fresh?  They remind me of cucumbers but more substantial.

Herbs -
speaking of cucumbers one of the herbs - salad burnett- has a cucumbery flavor! To use it, just pull off the leaves and put it in a salad, on a sandwich, or just eat it fresh.  You can also use it in hot dishes like soups and eggs, but don't let it cook too long or the flavor will disappear.  To preserve it for later, you should freeze it rather than drying.  Medicinally, it has been used to slow bleeding, as an astringent, and anti-inflammatory.  It might make an interesting iced tea or addition to a skin toner, too.  Magically, it has protective quantities. It is also in the rose family, so you might find some interesting uses through that connection.

Other herbs you might see are - echinacea flowers, catnip, sage, mint, basils, parsley, fennel, lemon balm, and mugwort.

Flowers -
The zinnias are in full bloom and are getting quite tall - taller than me, at least.  I love them so much, especially when butterflies and bees are flitting around. I actually based this pick-ups art work on it.  They can be used to bring joy, love, friendships, and strength, or just use a specific color of zinnia to fit in with whatever your working on.

To go along with the big, bright zinnias, we've got asters, snapdragons, and a few other fun blossoms popping out.

Art and writing-
As always, there will be a print included, and a bit of writing to go with it (in that Thomm looks at what I'm working and runs with it until it's something even more awesome) this one has bees, a wedding, and some sadness.  There will be some ceramics as well for you to choose from.

Thanks for reading! I can't wait to see you.

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